TIMELESS! Wait isn’t that an oxymoron? It all depends on how you look at it. Trends come and go and then resurface a couple decades later in a new innovative way. What was old becomes new again. Here at Borrow Rentals we certainly embrace the “what was old becomes new again” philosophy when it comes to quality pieces that stand the test of time.

The decor trends for the upcoming season are all about high quality. Whether you’re opting for a soft pink and cream decor pallet with pops of navy, dark blue and floral patterns, or a monochromatic pallet focused around ivories, whites, yellows and greenery it’s all about involving interesting textures, details and depth into these on trend color schemes. Specifically a great way to pull this off is with beautiful rich woods, heavy linens, velvet fabrics and flowers with soft petals like roses, antique buffets, mirrors, couches with tufting, wicker. Don’t just focus on the colors- go for tons of texture!

High quality pieces can also be accomplished on any budget! It’s just a matter of deciding which areas you would like to focus on.


Planning / Design: A Charming Fete, Photographer: Lauren Gabrielle Photography, Venue: Club at Hillbrook


Planning / Design: Shi Shi Events, Photographer: Nick Fancher, Venue: Kingwood Center