Venue Management

With over 1000 events under our belt Borrow knows and understands that all successful events are hinged on a balance of design and logistics. Borrow itself is a company who has mastered a profitable company that incorporates multiple staff, services and products and we want to share this information with our venue partners. As the Interior Designers of events we work with multiple vendors and vendor teams with a focus on the success of the entire event. Unlike any other company in Cleveland, when you hire Borrow to be your Venue Management Partner we are able to bring together unique A+ vendor teams to create unique and successful events.

Services Included With Venue Management:

Building Your Preferred Vendor List: Who are the best partners to help you fulfill your why? Let our experience be your guide.
Rentals Management Services: We will book, setup drop offs and pickups and be responsible for checking in and out product.
Floorplanning:We use two different software systems to create multiple options for multiple event needs and setups.
Answering Inquiries and Setting Up Walkthroughs:Using our innovative Customer Management Software and Processes we will focus on booking your ideal client that fits your vision and values. Let us share with you how Borrow is able to have over a 75% booking percentage for ideal clients.
Venue Consultation:Where to spend to get the greatest impact.

There is a way to learn to be great witthout learning through failure. Hire the person who has already figured it out.
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