My name is Ann King and I started Borrow back in 2012 in the back of my husband's business garage with the belief that people need custom, and locally sourced furniture as part of their lives. The business has grown so much in the last few years and I just love being able to work in a field I am so passionate about, as well as a business that has a direct affect on our local artist and maker communities. Every person is an artistic individual and when your decor reflects that, it is an unshakeable feeling. With my BA from Miami University and a childhood history in the theatre, events and design have been a part of my blood from a very early age. I truly love what I do and the people I do it for. Now scroll below to meet the team!

Ann King — Owner, wife, mother and lover of all people and things of Borrow. (left)

Meet Danny Callam

I'm an easy going guy. I ran away from my accounting career and since I've been at Borrow, I've never looked back. I love watching football and cannot wait for the upcoming Browns season. I've been a diehard Browns fan since I can remember. My closet is full of retro / throwback jerseys, coats, shirts, and I even have a couple of Cleveland Browns shoes that I found thrifting. I play a lot of volleyball. I've been in a couple of leagues for the last 2 years. You can find me at Edgewater Beach or Whiskey Island playing volleyball and sipping on Naturdays (the best beer on the market).

Danny Callam— Operations VP (right)

Meet Paige Moag

Hello! My hobbies include spinning at Harness Cycle or barre classes at Barre Fly. I also enjoy cooking, shopping, photography, and all things design! In my off time you can find me walking around Ohio City with my dog or spending time with family and friends at local spots! I loves trying new food and exploring new places and events around Cleveland.

Paige Moag — Stylist + Marketer (left)

Meet Montreece Spain

My work day never ends! Away from Borrow you might catch me trading stocks at the gas station or buying and selling foreign currencies on my phone. I also love doing work for the awesome people that hire me to tackle a wide range of tasks around their business' or residences. My motto is "nothing is impossible"

Montreece Spain — Operations Lead (And yes ladies he's single;) (left)

Meet Jess Paris

I'm a firm believer in doing what you love and I'm happiest when I'm making something with a power tool in my hand. My brain never stops creating. I'm equal parts adventurer and homebody, with a serious passion for traveling near and far. In my free time, I love to tackle home improvement projects, go camping in my renovated vintage camper, and sell my woodworking at weekend art shows. I'm a huge fan and collector of Halloween and vintage Christmas decorations. When I'm not working, you can usually find me at Home Depot or a craft store finding inspiration and buying supplies.

Jess Paris: Back of House Creative (left)

Our values: Love your history. Support Local. We believe in supporting each other, our clients, local business, artists, innovators and underdogs. Hard and smart work in a positive and creative environment equals success. Kindness wins always. Practicing good systems equates to less stress and freedom.
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